Are we able to file a complaint and force the city to fix the alley or at least put up some official caution or danger signs? 1 Answers as of May 17, 2017

My grandmother was walking down an alley way earlier today. The alley way is filled with loose gravel and dozens of potholes and deep cracks in the cement. It has been that way for years with 0 caution signs whatsoever. (I personally have tripped many times and have lots of scars on my knees because of it). She was walking through the alley on her way to small market and she had fallen and is now in the hospital for 2 more days. She has a concussion and 2 knee injuries. When she got up from the fall, she was bleeding and couldn't remember anything so 2 men who knew her drove to her and drove her to the hospital. We aren't sure the exact pinpoint of where she fell and there are no camera's anywhere near to see. Is there any way possible we demand the city to fix the alleyway to make it safe? It's been that way for as long as I can remember and is getting less safe to walk in.

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Yes, please see an injury lawyer ASAP. There are special rules to be followed with a City claim, so don't delay!
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 5/17/2017
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