Are Simple Divorce Papers a good way to get divorced? Posted on June 07, 2011

My husband and I have pretty much agreed on things, including joint custody, that he will give me money when he can (which I think should still be put in papers so he can't just back out on it), that he will get the one car fixed so I have one or let me have his other till a new one can be afforded, and so forth. Thing is he brought home this "Simple Divorce with Children" Papers that were downloaded from and printed out. Thing is, its very vague on things. The papers make it sound like one parent will get basic full custody and the other visitations which he has put his name first on it, saying I am the one with visitation. He said his reasoning for this is that it's just worded that way and doesn't mean it that way, and that since I, a stay at home mom, who has no job and no money or a place to live yet, cannot support our child. There is only a little box to say we have agreed on what we will do about splitting our time with our child. . But there are not details. Is there another easy divorce form that allows for more detail? I feel if there isn't more detail, that he could just change his mind and nothing can be done because there not talk about it in the form? Is there a more detailed way to do a simple divorce?

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