Are penalties from one lease applicable when signing a new lease? Posted on July 06, 2011

My family lives in apartment complex that only runs a check once. If it bounces, that's it. They also state in the lease that if you bounce two personal checks they will no longer accept them. During the course of our first lease we had one bad check, simply because they wouldn't rerun it. At the end of the lease we moved to a different unit, and signed a new lease. Note: it was a new lease, not a renewal. Since we moved, we have had one bad check for the same reason. However, when I dropped off our rent this morning, they gave us the check back and demanded that we have a cashiers check to them by five, which we can not due as I don't get paid until tomorrow, based on the terms of the lease. Does the original bad check, under the original lease, still apply? Or was it rendered null and void upon our signing of the new lease?

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