Are employers required by law to reimburse employees for mileage in California? Posted on February 22, 2011

I am an employee in CA, and part of my job is driving. I am quite new to business world, and am a bit naive in some respects. I was told in the beginning of this job that they do not pay mileage because we have to deduct it from our taxes. I just had my taxes done, and my mileage costs et al don't make the minimum for a standard or itemized deduction. How is this fair? I did some research and I think that in CA employers MUST reimburse an employee for mileage, whether it's via reimbursement or raising wages to reimburse. Can I ask them to reimburse me for my mileage in 2010 or should I eat that expense and start fresh in 2011? How do I broach this with my employer?

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