Are concepts on a website patented? 1 Answers as of September 25, 2015

I plan on creating a website, the concept came from another website which has no where near the amount of logistics that will be involved with this project and website. My website derives it's idea from another website yet uses so many different avenues and ideas and complex networks to expand this concept into something on a much higher scale of practical use and in ways to create mass popularity. My main concern is that the original website has patented the concept and that I will be sued later on. It may be poor but here's an example; a website with a concept of letting people buy new clothes but only t-shirts and pants so I then decide to create a website that let's you buy anything you can wear or put on your body.Are concepts on a website patented? Can they be patented? How can I find out any existing patents pertaining to a particular website?

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From your question it sounds like you have a version of Ebay. While web sites can have patents that cover connecting sellers and buyers, your concept must be a non-obvious improvement to get a patent. You can search for patents at but a consultation with a patent attorney or a patent agent would be a good place to start.
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Replied: 9/25/2015
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