An prison inmate files a habeus corpus appeal. Judge admits 9 issues have merit. Will attorney take this case? Posted on September 29, 2010

BTW, This case is EXTREMELY TIME-SENSITIVE. Inmate has done everything pro se, so far, but wonders if the power of attorney could put some strong teeth and a "guarantee" of success on the last stages of this case.

Most issues have constitutional merit, but judge is leaning toward putting a "Procedural bar" on case (maybe to avoid dealing with everything???). (How is that fair that inmate pro se cases are supposed to know about procedure? They have NO resources to help them!)

ALSO, question number 2: If the judge does "put the case to bed", can this case/appeal be resurrected again, and re-tried at a later date? If so, how could that be done? (Inmate's family wants this inmate back home!!!!!) =)

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