Am I responsible if a company scammed me? Posted on August 02, 2011

My question is concerning a situation that I had just took place within the last few days. I received some information about getting a part-time job as a secret shopper. I thought this was something I could do, while being a wife, mother, and working full-time and attending school too. I could use the extra money right now. The idea was that the company sent me a cashiers check, and I then took it to my bank and they put a hold on it. When the money was released to me I went to the stores I was to shop at, did my surveys, and then sent a majority of the money through moneygram. This was to also be part of my survey. I then waiting to hear from my "trainer" and did not hear from him again. I then got a bit scared and got online to look up his name and the I found a lot of different sites with people claiming to have been scammed by him. I realized I was also a victim. He would not answer my calls and I think he has even blocked my number. Now the "cashiers check" that I cashed came back and I am responsible for paying the money back. I do not have the money, and the bank took my money from my account that I did have. I understand that I am responsible. But my biggest fear on top of that is can I get in trouble? I have children and work and I am no criminal just an innocent person that fell for a dumb scam. I did contact the FBI they then told me to call my local police, and I live in a small country town, honestly I doubt the police will care but I will call them tonight anyways. Please guide me. Thank you for your time.

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