Am I responsible for pregnancy medical services done while on Medicaid? Posted on May 24, 2011

Me and my girlfriend have an 8 month old baby boy. We are both students and have very little income. When she became pregnant, we researched insurance, and turned to Medicaid. I did not have to sign any papers for Medicaid, and I was never informed that I was going to be held responsible for his medical bills.

So my questions are this: Am I liable for the actual birth, prenatal, or just the bills accrued after he was legitimized as mine? I am not a resident of GA as I am only here to go to school, but the State of GA is coming after me, and I am not sure what they are going to be looking for, and am trying to get a better idea. Again, We are both students with limited income, and I take care of all my child's needs both financially, physically, and emotionally. I am very involved in my child's life, and am still "with" his mother.

Can someone please help shed some light on this issue... can they come after a non-resident? What bills am I responsible for? And why was I never notified to be given an option of finding insurance, or going through my school for insurance?

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