Am I required to pay for a hospital bill I did not agree to? Posted on April 25, 2011

After experiencing renal stones and self-medicating with ibuprofen I was in so much pain that I called 911 and was transported to the emergency room (ER) by EMS. My treatment consisted of morphine schedule II controlled substance by both EMS and ER. Don't recall a lot of detail due to physical pain from the renal stones and being mentally dulled by the morphine. At the time I did not have medical insurance. I began making payments each month but stopped. Eventually the hospital began litigation against me. After retrieving my medical records I learned that I did not sign the medical form authorizing treatment or the HIPA form. Questions: Do grounds exist legally to have a chance of winning against the hospital? Can I argue that an agreement was not made because I did not sign the document; therefore, no grounds to litigate against me for their claimed services plus attorney fees? Is there an argument in my favor that I was mentally subdued due to the controlled substance administered to me by the ER and EMS under their direction? I live in Missouri.

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