Am I legally resonsible for the medical bill? Posted on July 15, 2011

My brother had a large get together at his house. A lot of people brought their animals including me. Most of the animals were just running around the front yard unleashed. Because my dog has a tenancy to run off, I kept him on his retractable leash tied to a tree in the front yard. My dog is well behaved and very friendly, but hyper. There were a lot of people and my dog was in a very obvious place. A woman stood right in the place my dog was, with her dog unleashed. My dog ran to play with her dog and the woman somehow got tangled in his leash and it caused a burn on her leg. She is now saying that she needs to go to the hospital because the wound is so bad. Is my brother legally responsible for the hospital bill because it was his property (home owner’s insurance claim) and/or am I legally responsible because it was my dog? There was no "neglect" that caused her harm except her own. She knew the dog was there and stood there anyway. The dog was obviously tied to the tree and it was her unleashed dog that my dog was trying to play with. My brother feels he will have to foot the bill on his insurance because it was his property, but really it was her own fault she put herself in that position.

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