Am I entitled to part of the house if I am not on the deed but made payments? Posted on June 15, 2011

My common law husband and I have been together since September 2001. We were trying to buy a house together and I was not qualified to help with a low cost loan. Therefore in January 2006 my husband bought the house in his name. During that time frame, we had joint bank accounts that show that we both had been paying on that house. I have put in not only half but a little more when it came to repairing the roof, the plumbing and etc. We originally filed for divorce earlier. We then rented the house to his sister under the table. So really just the payments were still being made to it. We canceled our divorce papers in June 2010. Now we are refiling again. We haven't lived together since 2009 but we have been "seeing each other" while dating others at the same time. We have tried to make up and etc. Would I be entitled to any of the house? I don't care to have it anymore due to the memories but I would like my fair share of what I at least put into it. How much of a percent would I get if any? And what all do I need to do to prove that I made payments on it as well? Do I need to get a lawyer to get and pull this information? Do I even have a chance to get anything on the house? Secondly. He has bought cars after we separated (separate accounts now) and traded in the old boat. Can I be eligible for any of that since we were still talking consulting and hanging out?

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