Am I eligible for unemployment benefits? Posted on March 19, 2011

On March 14 I was informed by my employer that my position will be eliminated as of April 1. They asked me to consider another job that would be paying less an hour as well as a reduction in hours (40 to 35) and change in hours .Just a note that my benefits would not be impacted. My base gross pay was 37,283.376 a year,. However last year I was able to gross 46,666 a year by taking on secondary work with the company. The gross pay for new job is 30,303.92. As I mentioned, I also was doing cases per diem for the company for a secondary income that would be impacted. I was paid 30.00 per hours for 4 hours every week , which grossed me an additional 480.00 per month. I would also immediately lose this income if i considered this job, because my current case is scheduled for 3:15-7pm at night. Unfortunately, due to the parents work schedule the only other day that the supervised visit could be done would be on a Tuesday. However, the hours would have to be the same. Which means I would be losing this money also, because of the new proposed work hours. Just a reminder my original position was 7am-3. The new position they want me to "consider is 1pm-8pm. If I unwilling to accept this position but is actively looking for another position either in or outside the company will my unemployment benefits be denied because they offered me something. I have worked for this company for over ten years and I feel that they tried to back me into a corner.

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