Am I eligible for unemployment benefits after failing a drug test? Posted on July 01, 2011

I got sent for a urine test, after I told my boss I had to pickup my son. I went to the clinic but could not pee after trying a couple times times over an hour and a half. I couldn't because for some reason they had a guy standing there a foot away staring at my _____. I left without going, I was already late to pickup my kid and got a late fee. Well I got fired because no test equals failed test. My question is does this disqualify me for unemployment? A little background: I did test positive for marijuana almost a year ago. I have taken for 4 since then and passed all. I also wondered laws on "random" drug testing. There are about 50 employees and there is only 3 of us that get tested. Most people have not ever gotten tested because my ex boss knows they will come back positive. And one more thing. My job was a DOT job.

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