Am I being discriminated against at work? Posted on May 20, 2011

My supervisor continues to delegate more and more responsibilities of the district manager to me without paying. In December I was told by my current supervisor that I was already basically doing the district managers job anyway so it should be a great fit so to apply. He explained that I he would be interviewed for the position and told me to resubmit a resume and application for the position. I resubmitted all necessary paperwork, showed all the work I had been already doing for this position and had an interview with my boss. Hr sent me a letter that the interview when well and that I would need to meet with our owner and coo. My boss and HR even gave me management material to read and even delegated more district manger duties to me. After about 3 months of waiting and no feedback for a while - my manager called me into his office Friday half and hour before quitting time & I was leaving to go on spring break to tell me that I would not be getting the district manager position and that the company wanted to hired someone else. I asked why I did not qualify for the position as they had delegated most of the position duties on me anyway. He agreed and said that it was corporate who did not want to hire me despite the fact that I had been doing it over the past 4 months. I reported that I felt like I was being extorted and discriminated against and he thought he agreed said nothing. I told him to either pay fairly for the doing the work of the district manager or I would no longer do the duties. I also told him that with the extra duties I had been assigned I had already drove one car into the ground and was forced to but another car to accommodate the extra travel. I told him that if I was not going to get the promotion that I did at least want my raise if I got on retro-ed back to my 90 day mark a. He again just said he was going to talk to corporate and make things fair.

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