Adult daughter's dog jumps 5' fence, reported causes damage. Homeowners policy cover? Posted on February 03, 2011

My daughter (23) has a ridgeback-mix dog that was with her when she visited. While my daughter was with the dog in the back yard, it ran and jumped the 5' fence to our neighbor's to chase their little poodle, in a non-aggressive way, with my daughter chasing right behind her. Her dog actually chased the little dog into the kitchen through the open sliding door, and was out of my daughter's sight for 2-4 seconds. When my daughter entered the kitchen, she saw the little dog jump over a small gate out of the kitchen and immediately grabbed her dog. The wife in the house was concerned because the little dog had just been spayed, but was relieved to see no physical damage caused by the chase. Later that night, the husband came over to my house and said that while the little dog is fine, their kitchen floor was severely damaged by the larger dog, saying that the "minutes" it was allowed to run around caused deep gouges in the floor. Since this family also has a very large full size poodle actually larger than my daughter's dog, I don't know how they could tell what damage was caused by what dog and when.
Primary question: does my homeowner policy apply to this even though it's not my dog? Secondly, is it reasonable to expect a 10-second incident to warrant a contribution to a floor refinishing to a 6-yr old floor in a multi-dog household? Thanks.

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