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Lew Rosenblum has practiced criminal law in Orange County for over 28 years. He began as a Deputy District Attorney in 1981 handling a variety of misdemeanor cases including: Driving under the Influence, Domestic Violence, Assault & Battery, and various theft offenses. After demonstrating great success as a young trial lawyer, he began handling higher level felony cases such as: Armed Robbery, Residential Burglary, Drug Sale/Possession cases, Serious Assaults and Attempted Murder cases. In 1985 he was asked to specialize in the handling of Sexual Assault cases and in three years tried 21 Rape and Child Molestation winning all but one.

In 1988 Lew began trying a myriad of complex and challenging Murder cases, culminating in his winning 64 consecutive jury trials, a record that remains unmatched. Over the past 28 years as both a prosecutor and defense attorney he has had the opportunity to develop a tremendous amount of hands-on experience in analyzing cases, reviewing police investigations, and developing winning case strategies.

After obtaining his graduate degree from Rider College nearby Princeton, New Jersey, Lew chose to volunteer for service in the United States Marine Corps and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in June of 1973. Upon completion of his military service, Lew attended the University of Southern California where he obtained his Masters degree in Management. In 1977 Lew enrolled in law school at Western State College of Law in Fullerton, California. While there, he achieved academic distinction by being selected to Law Review and Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Upon graduation, he passed the Bar Exam and was hired by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office where he remained until starting his criminal defense practice in Santa Ana. Lew takes great pride in the level of dedication, skill and commitment he brings to his work to ensure that his clients have someone in their corner they can count on when it matters most.

Additionally while working in his capacity as a Deputy District Attorney, Lew was selected in 1998 as the Outstanding Prosecutor for the State of California for having amassed a trial record of 64 wins - O losses trying high publicity murder cases over a period of 11 years. Lew has been honored to be selected by California Lawyer Magazine as "One of the Top Twenty Lawyers in the State of California." The success Lew has able to obtain in the courtroom is the result of years of hard work and the practical experience he brings to every case he handles in defending his clients.

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  • Superlative Experience

    Lew was able to successfully dispose of a case that another lawyer could not make headway with. Thank you, Lew.

  • Lew to the Rescue!

    For those of you looking for an attorney, look no further. Mr. Lew Rosenblum is incredible!!! We retained him about 2 mths ago and already our situation is resolved. I researched over 30 attorneys prior to retaining Lew, and am I ever so glad I waited. There was never a moment that our family was left in the dark or did we ever question, had we made the right decision in hiring him? His honesty, integrity, calmness and compassion for people is what puts him in a class of his own. Lew, Thank You for all your hard work.

  • I felt like Lew was more than my lawyer from our initial consultation

    I was referred to Lew by someone with whom he worked at the District Attorney's office. From our initial consultation through until the end of my case, Lew made me feel like we were a team. He informed me of all of my options all of the time and was very informative about the process, which I really appreciated. He made me feel like he was constantly thinking about my case (and I know he was). He even came back early from his vacation to work on my case. I am an attorney myself, so I understand the client relationship and also likely have a higher standard to meet. Not only did Lew always make me feel better when I talked to him, he is brilliant. He ran through every aspect of my case to determine the best way to do things, and the way to do thinkgs so that my main concerns were always addressed. I can't say enough how thankful that I had him to trust and rely on through what was a very stressful and important situation that I faced. I really feel like we got to know each other through dealing with my case and I know that I will always be able to call Lew a friend.

  • Character, Passion and Knowledge

    Mr. Rosenblum is very sincere when discussing issue with his client. He kept me well informed through out my entire case and had an excellent grasp on the case due to his many years of experience as a District Attorney as well as a Defense Lawyer. Mr. Rosenblum is well known by other lawyers as well as District Attorneys who are all delighted to see him which shows the relationships he has built with his fellow lawyers and DAs over the years with his great character. Overall, I don't think I could have found a lawyer that is as passionate and trustworthy as Mr. Rosenblum. It was a pleasure working with him.

  • Lew Saved My Life!

    From the moment I walked into Mr Rosenblum's office, I knew he was supposed to be my attorney. I for the first time in my life was faced with some serious life changing criminal charges. I was faced with 6 felonies and looking at 4-6 years in State Prison.

    Mr. Rosenblum made me feel at ease with his hard work and dedication at the most stressful time in my life. He is a very brilliant rational thinker. Most of all he took the time to listen and talk over the entire case with me. Lew did not keep me waiting either. I always felt like I could talk to him at anytime. His dedication to his cases are proven in the results he gets for his clients.

    5-6 of my original charges Lew got completely dismissed. In the end I was left with a misdemeanor, my life back, and a good friend.

    Thank you Lew!!

  • Lew Rosenblum - a most competent attorney

    I highly recommend Mr. Rosenblum to anyone who needs an attorney. He is confident, competent, thoughtful, caring, and shows great concern. He respects his clients and does not judge. He looks at all aspects of the case and has a keen ability to give great advice and find an acceptable resolution. Mr. Rosenblum gave me comfort and confidence during a time of great stress. I was kept informed of every detail and he was able to resolve my case quickly. It was a pleasure working with him and I am grateful to Mr. Rosenblum's skillful negotiation and for helping me get my life back to normal.

  • Highest Recommendation for Mr. Lewis Rosenblum

    Mr. Rosenblum was the 15th lawyer I spoke to regarding my case. I kept him for last because I knew he was the best. After meeting him in person, I understood why. While other lawyers underestimated my case and said I had nothing to worry about (the charge being Domestic Violence/punishment of 90 days in jail) and other lawyers who worried about nothing else but their fees and obtaining a retainer, meeting Lew was like a breathe of fresh air. Immediately he asked me to tell him about what happened and the sincere concern he had for my future and well-being was evident. He took the time to know me as a person without judging me based on the charge. He was honest about my options, the good and the bad while giving me encouragement and support to get through the case. He is a very honest person and expects the same from his clients. I can't tell you what a relief it is to be absolutely forthcoming with your attorney without feeling judged or worrying the information you share will be used against you in some way. Although he is the BEST in what he does, he is a very humble and wonderful person. He is very proactive, goes out of his way to help and you can always count on what he says- if he says he'll call you, he will. If he says he'll fax/email you, he will.
    My original charge of Domestic Violence was pleaded down to a Disturbing the Peace because Lew allowed the courts to see I was not a violent person, I did not mean anyone harm and that the incident I was arrested for was an unfortunate situation that could have happened to anyone. He allowed me to be honest with him and with myself so that I could get the help I needed for my alcohol/drug use without being punished and sentenced to 90 days in jail. I will never be able to thank Lew enough for everything he did for my case and for me personally. Although I thought this case was the worst thing that could have happened in my life, I truly believe now this is the best thing that could have happened because through Lew's help I am finally getting my life back on track with the help I never knew I needed. He is a brilliant lawyer but a more amazing person and he has become my friend.
    God bless Lew and his family. I know God blessed me when he led me to Mr. Lewis Rosenblum.

  • Outstanding Lawyer

    I would refer Mr. Rosenblum to everyone I know! He is an amazing man. He went above and beyond to make sure that my case was taken care of in the fastest and most deligent manner possible.! He exceeded my expection in more ways than one. He takes his cases very much to hearth and really cares about his clients on a very personal level! I never would have imagined that my case would have been handled in this manner and I truly owe it to Mr. Roseblum.

  • Excellent Lawyer and Superb Person

    I was referred to Mr. Rosenblum by a family friend (another Lawyer) and was told that he is the BEST. I gave him a call immediately and was able to meet with him the same day. He was very nice, professional, and began to work on my case immediately. He always emailed or called with updates and kept you in the loop. If you had any questions he answered them fully and in a way so that you can understand them easily. He spoke to the D.A. and the detective and handled the case so that it was dismissed. Mr. Rosenblum is NOT one of those lawyers who you pay and not hear from. His words are accountable and if he says he is going to do something he will do it. He is proactive on your case and most of all he is a superb human being.

  • Excellent- Highly Professional Attorney

    Mr. Rosenblum is an excellent attorney whose knowledge and professionalism I have never found with any other attorney. He truly cares about his client, and follows through on all aspects of the case, he kept me informed at every step, and kept me involved, listening to my cares and responding to them. His ability to work with the court system to get me the best outcome was exceptional.

  • Rosenblum equals Results

    When you are most alone and desperate during a legal struggle that you know you are going to lose and a person appears with all the skill, talent, and compassion to offer hope, how can you ever repay that gift? The gratitude that my family feels for Lew will never end. If you are in a similar situation, let Lew Rosenblum appear for you.

    I am the mother of a son who was charged with a crime that would send him to prison for life. After months of suffering a public defender's representation we were referred to Mr Rosenblum. This was about the fourth lawyer that was contacted but the others seemed only a little better than the PD. It's not just about the law, it's about the agony of the process. It's not about the guilt or innocence. It is about getting the best attorney and Lew is that attorney.

    Lew not only represented my son, he attended to him in a caring way that was way beyond what could have ever been expected. Our family was included in every aspect of the defense and there were never any surprises, only open and honest communication. His dedication and determination never waivered. The end result is that my son will have a life and is planning his wedding to the most wonderful woman who never doubted him and stood by him every minute of every day. We expect Lew to dance at the weddding.

    When I stand before my Maker, Lew Rosenblum will be on my list of top five things in my life that I will be most grateful for; that he was sent to us and was our biggest blessing during the wost time ever.

    A few things that you should know about Lew: he is supremely competent as an attorney, he is dedicated to achieving the best possible result and no detail is overlooked, and he really cares. He will fight to the end not only because he cares, but because he doesn't like to lose! These are great traits for a defense attorney, and I was always grateful he was with us and not with the prosecution.

    I would like to take this opportunity to express thanks to Lew's family for their tolerating his "never stop work ethic" that enables him to achieve the resullts he gets for his clients.

    I hope these words will help you in choosing the right lawyer--you now know who that is. You will never regret bringing Lew Rosenblum into your legal life.

  • I found a Great Attorney

    Mr. Rosenblum is a great attorney that works hard for his clients. He is verry experienced and has knowledge to take good care of his clients. He is very personable with integrity and honesty plus his experience and knowledge and knowing so many people in the court and it makes it so easy for him to solve any case. When I was in a situation that needed an attorney so badly and I felt so desparate for a good attorney to help me, my business attorney refered Mr. Rosenblum and I contacted him and then he helped me and my family so much that we became good friends. He showed me that it was not about a case or a business opportunity, but it was about helping someone that needed help and I was so desparate for help and god brought him to us. He proved to me and my family that there are good attorneys out there that are interested in helping people and there are attorneys out there that are not in this only for money, but for helping people and watch for their money and he did that for us. We could not have got any better help from anyone else, but Mr. Rosenblum. I would recommend Mr. Rosenblum to anyone that needs help and in need of good attorney. I assure you that they will have a great experience with him and they will realize it from the begining. God bless Mr. Rosenblum and his family for all of his help to me and my family.

  • Looking for a GREAT attorney?

    I recently retained Mr. Lewis Rosenblum and have nothing but great things to say about him. Mr. Rosenblum is a well seasoned attorney who did a wonderful job in representing me. I was always able to get in touch with him and he was always very good at getting back to me as well. During times when I was worried or had any types of concerns, Mr. Rosenblum always reassured me we would get the results I wanted. He did indeed end up getting me a result that I was more than satisfied with.

  • Top Crimiinal Defense Attorney in Orange County !

    I was fortunate enough to have Lew represent me in a very complex criminal case. His insight, experience and integrity, resulted in the dismissal of the charges against me. I owe my freedom and my future to this extraordinary professional. Anyone in need of the very best criminal defense attorney should beg Lew Rosenblum to represent them. I am very pleased Lew was on my team.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or should be formed by use of the site. The attorney listings on the site are paid attorney advertisements. Your access of/to and use of this site is subject to additional Supplemental Terms.

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