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Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Alleges Colleague Choked Her

Published on 06/30/2011 -

A Chokehold on Justice? Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Alleges Colleague Choked Her

Justice may be blind, but it has good enough aim to get other justices into a chokehold. At least that's the story coming from news outlets this week. It seems that Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has accused her colleague Justice David Prosser of choking her during a disagreement.

Naturally, Justice Prosser has allegedly denied any such behavior and so we the people are left with the unpleasant knowledge that at least one of the justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is at least somewhat unstable: either Justice Walsh Bradley is lying, or Justice Prosser actually choked her.

Either way, it doesn't look good for the country's fair and balanced court system.

Collective Bargaining Rights: Still a Hot Topic

So what caused such rankle among the leaders of Wisconsin's legal system? Collective bargaining rights. The same issue that had lawmakers fleeing the state not long ago and union members protesting in swarms at the state capital. Sources report that:

  • The argument began in court during debates over whether or not the Supreme Court would uphold the state's law limiting collective bargaining rights for union members.
  • The court eventually ruled to uphold the limits to collective bargaining, but the vote was four to three and the dissenting opinion was reportedly scathing in its criticisms.
  • After a verbal altercation in front of other justices, the two involved in the alleged choking incident continued the fight in Justice Walsh Bradley's office.
  • Things got heated. One justice either did or did not choke the other, but the two certainly didn't end things by shaking hands and buying each other a pint.

So here's the big question: if state Supreme Court justices, who are supposed to be paragons of wisdom and insight, cannot discuss contentious issues without resorting to violence (or false accusations of violence), what are the rest of us supposed to do?

Could Someone Set a Better Example, Please?

Not to get too literal here, but the word "bargain" means to discuss, haggle, negotiate, and ultimately come to an agreement. And just as the state has limited the people's right to bargain, the Supreme Court justices seem to have lost their ability to do the same thing.

Maybe the law was moot - it looks like we're not much good at this whole "bargaining" thing anyway. Sheesh.

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