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New Divorce Rules to Shield Kids Proposed

Published on 05/18/2011 -

Judges in a northern Indiana county are proposing new rules aimed to shield kids from the negative impact a hostile divorce can create. The new standards will require divorcing couples to attempt to resolve the conflict amicably and with greater communication rather than immediately going to court or drawing up contempt papers.

These new rules, based in Tippecanoe County, originated from a 'cooperative model' that has been successfully applied in Lake County for the past two years. They are hoped to be approved by July of this year.

To be approved, the proposed rules will have to be posted on a state website for 30 days and go through the Tippecanoe County clerk for comment. However, before that happens, Tippecanoe Superior Court Judge Thomas Busch would like all members of the Tippecanoe County Bar Association to go over it.

Last month, approximately 50 attorneys attended a training session to learn how the rules work in Lake County. However, there were mixed reviews. Several attorneys were concerned with the amount of paperwork that would be required with the implementation since increased paperwork would equal an increased expense to clients. Also, individuals who choose to represent themselves during divorce proceedings may not understand all of the new requirements.

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