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Child Custody Woes for Halle Berry

Published on 08/31/2011 -

Child Custody Woes for Halle Berry

Oscar winner Halle Berry went to court this week to file a complaint that her daughter's father violated the terms of their custody agreement, according to TMZ.

Berry has reportedly accused the father, male model Gabriel Aubry, of putting their daughter Nahla at risk.

Sources are vague on the exact nature of this "risk," but it seems that Berry and her lawyer submitted documentation to the court detailing Aubry's alleged subpar parenting skills.

The incident is apparently the latest in an ongoing dispute over their three-year-old daughter.

Custody Battles of the Rich & Famous

One of the down sides of fame is that people can find out about the kinds of things most of us would prefer to keep private.

Issues of alimony, child support and child custody have long plagued our nation's top stars, including:

  • Britney Spears & Kevin Federline: In 2007, this custody fight ended with the court deciding that Spears would lose custody of their two children. This was big news, since most celebrity custody cases end with the woman getting primary custody.
  • Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger: These two currently have shared custody of their daughter, but the court ruled that they can't talk about the case in public.
  • Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards: Before his "winning" exploits, Mr. Sheen struggled with Ms. Richards for custody of their two children. They eventually came to an agreement, but the terms of it remain private.
  • Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee: Amid allegations of spreading hepatitis C, alcohol abuse and an assault conviction, these two also sparred over the rights to their children. Eventually, they agreed to share custody.

Most people who have been through a custody dispute know that they can be unpleasant - not the sort of thing folks usually wish upon others. But in a way, it's refreshing to know that even those whose lives often appear perfect from a distance (like pop stars, actors and other celebrities) face the same problems as the rest of us.

And on reflection, most of us are probably glad we don't have to deal with the press as well as our exes and the court when we're dealing with matters of divorce and custody.

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