Law Firm Twitter Service

Law Firm Twitter Page Service Example

LawQA's Online Reputation Management team will create and maintain a twitter feed for you or your firm, updating it on a daily basis with valuable information about your work and practice. Your twitter account will be directly connected to your LawQA account—each answer that you post to LawQA will be featured on your twitter account

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Law Firm Maps Service

Local listings promote your business to people in your area that are searching for your services.
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Why Do Attorneys Need Twitter Accounts?

  • Twitter creates an EVEN GREATER web presence, allowing attorneys to not only connect with potential clients, but also to share their expertise with an even greater audience, due to the fact that their LawQA answers will also appear on their twitter accounts.
  • Helps attorneys to keep up to date with changes and news within their specialty.
  • Allows attorneys to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise by participating in discourse in their field.

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