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LawQA’s searchable question pages will impress internet pros, but online marketing amateurs shouldn’t hesitate. LawQA is designed to be easy to use. After you’ve signed up and verified your account, we’ll take care of building your free profile complete with your firm’s contact information. We’ll also write a short bio using information on your firm’s website. You will receive consumer-submitted questions in your inbox related to your practice area. To answer a question, simply reply to the email directly. We’ll take care of publishing your answers and promoting them online.

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LawQA answers are published on our searchable question pages. Hundreds of thousands of consumers view answers from LawQA attorneys each month. Your answers can gain even more views with LawQA Social Connect. Now your LawQA answers can be posted to your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. With published answers on our site and your social media accounts, you’ll be increasing your web presence and promoting your firm 24/7!

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LawQA is a free service for both attorneys and consumers. You won’t spend a dime as you connect to new prospects and improve your firm’s web visibility. The service will continue to pay off as you participate. Your answers stay published, and they will continue to promote your firm for months or even years after you submitted them.

A consumer submits a question.

Questions are emailed to you, reply to submit your answer.

The question creates a brand new searchable webpage. Your answer is published here.

We’ll send an email with a link to the answer page to the con-
sumer who asked the question.

The question and answers stay published so other consumers with similar questions can find your answers and contact info.